Monday, 17 September 2012

This Taurus Stomphead is amazing! The clean channel is so smooth and the crunch button is so handy. The overdrive channel gives you everything you want. Such a big sound from a small amp! Also excellent for recording and going straight into the desk. I love it!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Alan Wormald Band

If your wanting a night out watching world-class musicians playing classic songs look no further than the Alan Wormald band, you will have to go a long way to find a band of this calibre in your local pubs.

Audio track(Prison of love)

Audio track(It's probably me...)

Alan wormald (Lead guitar, Vocals)

Alan Wormald, guitarist,
Age as old as my feet but a bit older than my teeth originally was born in Leeds but now live near Nottingham. Been playing guitar since a very young age, as a kid I used to sit and work out the guitar parts for all The Beatles songs that I could get my hands on by listening on radio or LP’s, which ultimately set me up to being a accomplished guitarist(No tabs in them days?). Over the years worked with people such as Freddy Starr, Cannon & Ball and Shakatak in the studio and also with live performances. Still touring to this day with Shakatak and been a member of Shakatak now since 1995 and still going strong mainly playing gigs in foreign countries such as Japan and Russia and others which is great way to see the world and getting paid at the same time(nice). Musical influences range from The Beatles, Cream, Alan Holdsworth, Jimmi Hendrix and anything that just sounds cool. Gear I use is Parker Fly Classic and Levinson Blade R3 fitted with RolandGR20 and run it through Marshall TSL122 +2X12 Cab, Boss ME50. We cover many different genres of music on the gigs such as; Blues, Prog Rock, Ballads and lots of guitar and bass solos going on, and just mainly have a good time so come down and check us out sometime in the upcoming shows you won’t be disappointed, and if so you get your money back, but only in the gigs its free entry.

Alan working with Shakatak

Simon Goulding (Bass Guitar)

Simon Goulding (bass guitar)
I grew up in the village of Coppull, Lancashire, NW England. I Started playing the bass guitar at the age of 9 and quickly realized that it was what I wanted to do for ever. How did the bass guitar come into my hands.....Well.. I remember watching an Eric Clapton concert on TV as a kid. I noticed a guy stood at the back next to the drummer who was making the band groove and the music made me get goose bumps everytime the bass player was shown on TV. I then started to be obsessed with the bass and it's role in the band sitting in front of the radio, TV and listening out for the bass and trying to find out who it was because most of the time they would'nt tell you who the band was. Years of intensive woodshedding followed. I studied music at school and actually was teaching at the school music centre while still a student. I studied music at Wigan & Leigh college obtaining a BTEC national diploma in performing arts and being awarded the college music prize on 2 consecutive years. After graduating college I attended Middlesex university for one year studying a BA in jazz & popular music but offers of work onboard cruise liners (Europe & Carribean) I decided to leave and see the world. I started working as a pro session musician at the age of 16 and have performed with artists such as, The Bee Gees, Robbie Williams, Joe Longthorne, Freddie Starr, Engelbert Humperdink, Rick Astley, Ronan Keating, David Essex, Neil Sedaka, Tony Christie, Martha Reeves & The Vandelas, The Snake Davis Band, Tavares, The London Community Gospel Choir, PP Arnold, Sheila Ferguson, The Drifters, Julian Clary, Cannon & Ball, Peter Grant, The Nolans, Billy Pearce, Rowetta, Dutch Vocalist Rene Froger, Richard Fleeshman, Debra Stephenson, Richard Shelton, Sonia, Bradley Walsh, Alan Stewart, Dave Evans, The Memphis Belle Orchestra, Jazz-Rock band Free Parking, The Kings Of Swing Orchestra, The Nelson Riddle Tribute Orchestra, Clare Teal, The Salsa meets Jazz Collective, Julian Joseph, Jovenes Clasicos Del Son, Gary Boyle, Tony Oxley, Gary Potter to name but a few and am also a member of the Alan Wormald band. I have also performed at new launches for BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. I have appeared in Ronnie Scott's Club (London UK), The London Palladium, Las Vegas (USA) and Havana (Cuba), Budapest (Hungary), The Kourion Ampitheatre (Cyprus), Dubai, Abu Dhabi (Ferrari World) plus many more and worked in the house bands onboard P&O and Airtours cruise ships. I am involved with many many different bands either live or in the studio. I have also performed improvisation workshops at the university of York and Middlesborough college as well as writing my own bass/musician tuition book titled "Musicianship for the bass player" with included CD-ROM. Album Credits include,Simon Goulding "Familia", Jazzology "Jazzology", Marty Franklins "Kajambu", Munch Manship "12 Pearls", Freddie Starr "Not fade away", Joe Longthorne "Joe's Back", "In Paradise", "Live at the London Palladium" DVD & Video credits include: Joe Longthorne "Joe's back", "Live in paradise","Live at the London Palladium". TV: "Heaven & Earth UK BBC1". "The Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV1 UK" ITV Granada TV sessions. Radio: JAZZ FM, BBC Radio 2 & 3, BBC GMR Radio, BBC Radio Lancashire, Kreative Chicago Radio Jazz In All Keys. 'Fiesta Jazz' 106.7 PBS FM in Melbourne, Australia. W.I.U.C. Ponce, Puerto Rico. 'Gala Jazz' VID90.3FM Puerto Rico. WEMU Michigan, USA

Simon lays down a groove

Simon Goulding - Awesome Improvised Slap Bass

Simon Goulding "Familia"

Mick Wake (Drummer)

Well seasoned professional drummer been drumming since he was tall enough to reach the drums from his stool, been working the Bradford area for numerous bands over the years aswell as doing various tours in the UK. Mick is more than capable of playing any style of music, very solid drummer who knows how to hold down the backbeat with no complaints. A very compitent member of any band.